Councillors' Delight as Hatton Bridge Re-Opens

>> 30 September 2013

A replacement for a Buchan bridge overcome by severe flash flooding last year has been completed. The new Hatton Bridge reopened to pedestrian and vehicular traffic today, [Monday, 30 September] replacing a temporary crossing.

The Hatton Mill Bridge collapsed on December 22 and the temporary structure was put in place, before the bigger, stronger permanent bridge was completed. It comprises a reinforced concrete box with a span twice the size of the original, whose foundations were swept away and had to be demolished.

The four-month project was delayed by around a week due to complications diverting ulitities which crossed the bridge.

Chair of the Buchan Area Committee Cllr Stuart Pratt said:

“The new bridge is bigger and stronger than that which collapsed and should serve the community for many years to come.

“We’re pleased the permanent replacement bridge has been completed nine months after the collapse of the old crossing, which was well-used.”

Vice-Chair, Cllr Anne Allan, a Hatton resident, said:

“The council’s in-house bridges and structures team obviously worked hard to get the job finished.

“As a local resident I shared the problems the collapse of the bridge caused in the village and surrounding area and I know that this new bridge will be welcomed by all.”

Peterhead South & Cruden councillor Stephen Smith said:

“I’m delighted that the new bridge will open to traffic and pedestrians from today.

“It’s been nine months since the old bridge was damaged by the floods and I think it completely vindicates the decision Cllr Pratt and myself made to push for a temporary bridge.

“Clearing away the remains of the old bridge and then designing and building a new bridge from scratch takes time and there is no way that people in Hatton could have put up with nine months of having two halves of the village cut off from each other.”

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