Broch Councillors Back Police Operation

>> 6 November 2013

Fraserburgh & District SNP councillors Charles Buchan and Brian Topping have welcomed the outcome of the police operation at the weekend which saw teams of extra police officers deployed to target drug misuse and street-drinking.

A total of 20 extra officers carried out high-visibility patrols in Fraserburgh town centre on Friday, November 1, and Saturday, November 2, in their continued bid to stamp out anti-social behaviour.

Following the weekend action, a total of 12 people were charged for various offences, including a 22-year-old female in relation to an assault. One man was charged in connection with drink driving and two others for various road traffic offences. A total of four people were charged for breaching the peace, and three for urinating in public. In addition, around 15 cars were stopped as officers issued winter safety advice to drivers.

As part of the operation, drug itemisers and a portable 'archway' drug screening device were stationed in licensed premises throughout the town and around 200 people were swabbed for drugs. Officers also carried out bail and curfew checks on known offenders.

Commenting, Cllr Charles Buchan said:

“I fully support Inspector Brown and his team who planned a big operation in the Broch on the Friday and Saturday evenings to show a big street presence, to reduce anti-social behaviour, on-street drinking, youth disorder, drug offences, and giving advice to motorists.

“The team of police officers and special constables, drawn from all over the Grampian area, was led by Sergeant Sam Buchan. I was given the privilege of attending the team briefing, and got to accompany Sergeant Buchan and the officers in a late evening patrol. As well as the rounds of licensed premises, the patrol was busy all the time, with domestic incidents, drug scanning, motorist checks, and disorder incidents.

“This operation was a great idea, showing that the police service makes Fraserburgh a priority, and keeping our streets safe for our townspeople, and youth.”

Cllr Brian Topping added:

“I’m delighted that this police operation has been a huge success.

“It helps keep Fraserburgh a safe place but also serves to reinforce the message that there will be Zero Tolerance of such anti-social behaviour.”

Sergeant Sam Buchan, of Fraserburgh Community Policing Team, who led the operation, said:

"After listening to the concerns of local residents, we deployed extra officers this weekend to carry out high-visibility patrols in order to provide reassurance and safety.

"This operation, which also included road policing officers, divisional officers and special constables, highlights just what can be achieved when we deploy extra resources. Incidents that can normally take up a considerable amount of our time were resolved within hours as we had the extra patrols in place to tackle them.

"Officers also worked in partnership with local licensed premises in order to station drug itemisers in a bid to deter any anti-social behaviour.

"As part of a sustained effort, will continue to work to ensure we are keeping people safe in their local communities and we are committed to achieving that across Fraserburgh."

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