Broch Councillor Welcomes Police Clampdown on Dangerous Parking

>> 4 February 2015

Fraserburgh SNP councillor Charles Buchan has welcomed a police clampdown on dangerous and illegal parking in the town.

Following recent complaints from the community, officers have been carrying out a week of action under Operation CEDAR (Challenge, Educate, Detect and Reduce), an ongoing road safety campaign designed to reduce the number of serious and fatal road traffic collisions across the local area.

This phase of the Operation mainly focussed on illegal parking around the communities' primary schools and the excessive speed of some drivers as they pass these schools, with attention also given to complaints of illegal parking in the High Street and Broad Street areas of the town centre.

Almost 50 tickets were issued to drivers who were found to be illegally parked and with the assistance of the local Roads Policing officers 15 drivers were educated for driving at excessive speeds near the schools and school crossing patrols.

Commenting, Cllr Charles Buchan said:

“I would like to thank Police Scotland, and Inspector Stewart Drummond and his team, for their effective action in alleviating risk for the public, especially children, due to poor parking.

“Inspector Drummond has newly taken up his post in Fraserburgh, and by being active on illegal parking, has helped other road users, pedestrians, parents, and businesses greatly. Since Operation CEDAR, the situation has vastly improved, and I hope the police can continue to monitor bad parking in Fraserburgh.”

Sergeant MacDonald, who ran this phase of the Operation and is based in the Fraserburgh office, said:

"It was reassuring to see that the number of cars parked dangerously or illegally outside primary schools plummeted after the first two days of the Operation.

"It didn't take long for parents to get the message that we were not willing to compromise on child safety. It was also good to hear from the parents who spoke with officers that we were being fully supported and they understood why we had resorted to this course of action."

The Operation also received very good feedback through social media where the public have identified other primary schools in the Aberdeenshire and Moray areas where dangerous driving and illegal parking has been a problem.

Sergeant MacDonald said:

"I have passed these concerns onto the Area Inspectors in these other towns and villages and they will be looking to take action accordingly. In the meantime, there will be regular enforcement at the Fraserburgh primary schools where officers will continue to reduce dangerous parking."

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