Colourful History Brought to Life on Peterhead Town Trail

>> 4 July 2015

A walking trail which leads visitors around the historic town of Peterhead has been developed to highlight some of the town’s best history – and darkest secrets.

As part of regeneration efforts taking place locally, the Peterhead Town Trail links and highlights some of the most interesting parts of the area’s largest town. Smugglers, secret passages, heroes, poets, influential ladies, ghosts, war, witchcraft, murder, rebellion and piracy – all easily taken in on a day out in Peterhead.

From the haunting tale of Auld Harry in the Harbour, to witch trials and the dubious business of the Baron Bailie Alexander Elles, a colourful history is brought to life. Walkers on the trail can meet Fisher Jessie, see the gift William I of Prussia sent to the people of Peterhead and find out how a loving aunt’s legacy caused terror and wiped out over 300 people.

People can also learn how cannons salvaged from a wrecked galleon from the Spanish Armada saved the town and why it’s called the Blootoon.

The trail has two loops – one long and one short - featuring 21 story boards located at points of interest around the town. Both trails start at Kirk Street and end on St. Peter Street, at the Arbuthnot Museum.

The boards feature interesting history from the immediate vicinity, showing images and telling tales from the past.

A leaflet to accompany the town trail and guide visitors is being made available and further information can be seen on a dedicated website:

Provost of Aberdeenshire, Cllr Hamish Vernal, who officially launched the trail, said:

“It’s great that the exciting and varied past of Peterhead can be highlighted in such a simple, direct way.

“Not only does it provide a fascinating walk around the area for visitors, it should help increase local footfall and have a knock on effect for businesses.

“We’re very grateful for the support shown by the community and local businesses for this trail and we hope it’s a useful addition to what Peterhead has to offer.”

Buchan Area Committee vice-chair, Cllr Anne Allan, who has offered important input into the project, said:

“Many locals already know about and value the rich history and tradition of Peterhead, as evidenced by the involvement of some of them in this project for their expert advice.

“We already get lots of visitors from further afield, but we want to welcome more, and offering more attractions and things to do around the town can play a big part in that.

“Local people can also enjoy the trail and I can imagine it will be popular with families who want to learn more about the colourful history of our fascinating town.”

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