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>> 27 October 2015

Aberdeenshire library users will benefit from a new and improved online service when it comes into force later this month.

As part of the changes to the electronic library management system, customers will be able to manage their library accounts from home, build a profile of their favourite authors or genres and receive recommendations when new books are added to library stock.

The service will be available from Wednesday 28 October although data transferral will begin on Wednesday 21 October.

During this time, although libraries will be open and function as usual it will not be possible to place reservations. Access to computers through the People’s Network will be unaffected as will customers’ ability to download ebooks, magazines and music.

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education, Learning and Leisure Committee, Councillor Alison Evison (Labour-North Kincardine), said:

“This is an exciting step that will allow library users to manage their profiles in a way that suits them, with extra benefits such as book recommendations based on a reader’s favourite author.

“With an increasing number of services available online, the council is leading the way in ensuring users can quickly access the information they need and providing a personalised services to cater to all tastes.”

Vice-chair of the committee, Councillor Charles Buchan (SNP-Fraserburgh & District), said:

“Along with these improvements, school libraries will now also be fully integrated thanks to new system.

“This will allow pupils and teachers to borrow materials from both school and branch libraries throughout Aberdeenshire with a single library card.”

To view the selection of books, audiobooks and ebooks available through the council please visit

To access the council’s free music download service visit

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