Buchan Councillor Lodges Formal Complaint on New Bus Fleet

>> 11 March 2016

Central Buchan SNP councillor Jim Ingram has lodged a formal complaint against bus operator Stagecoach after concerns were raised that a new £5.5million fleet of vehicles breach disability regulations.

The move follows a public meeting of the local Bus Forum held at Mintlaw recently, which attracted a turnout of around 300 people. The meeting was arranged at the request of Councillor Ingram and other councillors who had been receiving complaints regarding the bus service.

In his letter to the Commissioner, Cllr Ingram wrote:

“Numerous people claim that they are unable to access the buses, combined with reports that many disabled users have been left standing at bus stops. [This is] due to the only two low-level disabled seats being occupied, and they are unable to climb the stairs to the general seating area.”

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson added:

“Unfortunately, the choice of vehicles on commercially-operated routes is entirely a matter for the operator, and is not something which the Scottish Government or the local authority can change.

“I welcome the engagement by the bus company at the public meeting and a number of suggestions were made by members of the public, to which the bus operator has undertaken to give all due consideration. I very much hope that they will do so, as it clearly would not be in their interests to alienate such a significant proportion of the travelling public.”

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