Troup Councillor Welcomes NHS Review Group Meeting in Gardenstown

>> 2 November 2016

Local SNP councillor Ross Cassie has welcomed the announcement from NHS Grampian that their Review Group will meet in Gardenstown to hear representations from local people on dispensed medicines from GP practices.

The meeting had been originally scheduled for Banff but Cllr Cassie was instrumental in getting it changed to Gardenstown.

Commenting, Cllr Ross Cassie said:

“I welcome the fact that this review is to take place in Gardenstown and not as previously planned in Banff.

“It is vitally important that the dispensing service is retained in Gardenstown, a community without a pharmacist and also without a GP service. There are very poor public transport links to other settlements with pharmacy provision and the residents have to travel some distance to access a GP.

“I will certainly be putting the case for its retention at the event on 28th November at the Dreel Hall for all of the community to have access to locally provided medication. This community has had more than its fair share of disappointment with NHS service provision following the loss of its GP service.

“I would also urge all residents to attend this event on the 28th November to add their voices into review and lobby for the retention of the Dispensing service.”

Those wishing to put forward their view at the event should contact NHS Grampian for an appointment slot by email or writing to Freepost, NHS Grampian by Friday 11th November. You will be allocated a time and to ensure that the maximum number of people have the opportunity to participate you should speak for 15 minutes or less.

There is no requirement to support your presentation with a written submission, but if you would like to do so please email your submission to the above email address by Friday 11th November.

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