Councillors Welcome Progress to Reduce Street-Lighting Costs & Save Energy

>> 11 December 2016

Aberdeenshire Council is working to reduce the cost of street-lighting by moving to new low-energy LED lanterns. Nearly 10% of the street lights across the council area are now LED.

This year’s lighting program has reduced the council’s energy consumption so far by 420,000kwh, leading to savings in council taxpayers’ money which can support other vital local services.

Chair of the Infrastructure Services Committee Cllr David Aitchison (SNP-Westhill & District) said:

"We have over 44,000 street lights in Aberdeenshire and we are working to convert them to LED. Current predictions are that we expect to reduce our energy consumption by 45% which will result in a significant financial saving in future years."

Vice-Chair Cllr Graeme Clark (SNP-Stonehaven & District) added:

“Aberdeenshire Council are taking steps to cut energy costs and meet carbon reduction targets by their use of LED street lights. This has been a difficult budget to trim but LEDs use less electricity and last longer than sodium street lights.”

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