SNP Announce Team for Fraserburgh & District

>> 21 March 2017

Local Commitment and Experience

Former fishing skipper and offshore worker David Donn has been selected by SNP members in the Fraserburgh & District ward to join councillors Charles Buchan and Brian Topping in seeking election to represent the ward on Aberdeenshire Council, which also includes the villages of Rathen, Memsie, Inverallochy and Cairnbulg.
David Donn was born and raised in Fraserburgh and lives in the town. David, aged 50, is married with two daughters and two grandsons, with a granddaughter also on the way. As a former fishing skipper and ex-offshore worker, David feels he has the experience and background to identify with a large number of residents in and around the Fraserburgh area.

A member of Fraserburgh Community Council and other local voluntary groups, one of David’s main priorities and area of focus if successful in being elected will be in supporting and championing the many and varied voluntary community groups in Fraserburgh and the surrounding villages.

Charles Buchan was elected as a councillor at the 2012 election and was formerly head of physics at Fraserburgh Academy. Charles comes from a fishing family and went to the white fish and herring fishing before studying at Aberdeen University. Charles is married with 3 children, has lived in Fraserburgh all his working life and taught at the academy for 44 years.

Charles was active nationally, being for six years Convenor of the Scottish Examination Board’s Science Panel. His contributions to teaching were recognised by a UK National Award in 2009.

In the past 5 years representing Fraserburgh & District, Charles has worked with councillors across party lines to get the best outcomes for Aberdeenshire. As a result, he has been elected Chair of the council’s Fisheries Working Group, and vice-chair of the Education and Childrens Services Committee. He has been made a Governor of the Dick Bequest Trust, a Director of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, and is involved in supporting Fraserburgh businesses.

Completing the SNP team for Fraserburgh & District is Brian Topping. Brian has proudly represented Fraserburgh and surrounding area for 33 years and is as passionate and committed now as he was when first elected in 1984.

Brian is married to Joan and has three children and five grandchildren, all of whom live in Fraserburgh. As Chair of the Fraserburgh & District Community Safety Group, Brian has worked to help drive forward many projects which have benefitted the community. An avid football fan, Brian can be found at Bellslea Park most home matches.

Commenting on his re-selection, Charles Buchan said:

“I am delighted to have been selected by the local SNP members to contest the election in my home area.

“In my two years as an administration senior councillor, I have helped to force through better regeneration policies, enhancing conservation status, and bringing us the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland North Hub to Fraserburgh. I am offering myself for election to serve the wider community and work as part of a team for Fraserburgh, Inverallochy, Cairnbulg and district.”

Commenting on his selection, David Donn said:

“I am delighted to have been selected by the local SNP members to contest the election in my home area.

“A sense of community is important and I absolutely believe that local government should stand for local communities and local issues. I also believe that it is local people that can make all the difference.

“I am offering myself for election to serve the wider community and work as part of a team for Fraserburgh, Inverallochy, Cairnbulg and district.”

Councillor Brian Topping

“As a member of the council’s SNP-led administration for the past two years, I am delighted that regeneration of the Broch is a top priority and I am honoured to chair the local regeneration group, working with local people and community groups.

“There are a number of projects moving forward apace, such as the regeneration of the old police station and council building in Saltoun Square; the CARS Project, which will make grants available to upgrade town centre business properties; and environmental and landscaping improvements.”

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson commented:

“I think the important thing here is the emphasis that Charles, David and Brian have placed on working together as a team for the benefit of Fraserburgh, Inverallochy, Cairnbulg and the rest of the Ward. That hasn’t always been the case with some of the Independent councillors elected in Aberdeenshire and it is something that has not gone unnoticed by my constituents.

“These are three excellent candidates whose track record of community involvement and activism speaks for itself and I wish them well.”

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