Swinney Launches SNP Mini Manifesto for Education

>> 15 April 2017

John Swinney has underlined five key education pledges for SNP councils as he unveiled a mini manifesto for education.

The online document outlines the priorities that SNP councillors will work tirelessly to achieve for children and young people across Scotland.

These priorities are:

  • A transformation in early learning and childcare.
  • Investing in and empowering our schools to give every child in Scotland the best start in life.
  • Maintaining teacher numbers and pupil-teacher ratios.
  • Better schools in better buildings.
  • Improving outcomes for looked after children and young people.
 Click picture for online manifesto 
Mr Swinney said:

“A good education is an investment – not just in our children, but in our society and our economy too.

"A vote for the SNP in the council elections is a vote to elect councillors who are dedicated to protecting and improving our education system.

“The SNP believes from the early years through to adulthood, everyone should be given the very best chance of success in life.

“We’re expanding and transforming early learning and childcare, nearly doubling free childcare hours to 30 hours a week.

“We are investing £120 million in our schools to close the attainment gap, whilst putting power into headteachers’ hands and empowering schools.

“SNP councils will work with the Scottish Government to build or refurbish 112 schools by 2020 - covering every local authority area.

“And is vital we maintain teacher numbers and pupil-teacher ratios, as well as improving outcomes for looked after children and young people.

“These policies are a firm building block in helping us deliver our vision for a Scotland where every child has every chance to succeed.

“That is what you are voting for when you vote SNP – cast-iron commitments to continue our hard work in improving our education system.

“A good education is the best gift we can give our young people and SNP councillors will work tirelessly to ensure this is something that is available to all of our children in every community across Scotland.”

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