Peterhead Councillors Instigate Traffic Review

>> 15 December 2017

Peterhead South & Cruden councillors Alan Fakley, Stephen Smith and Stephen Calder have instigated a review of traffic management in the area around Clerkhill School, including Kinmundy Road, following local concerns.

The three local councillors have worked together across party lines on the matter and raised it at Tuesday’s meeting of the Buchan Area Committee. Council officials will now be tasked with bringing a report back to the Committee with options.

Commenting, Cllr Alan Fakley said:

“Road safety is such an important issue that crosses political boundaries and it has been a joy to work with other Buchan Councillors in address these issues around Kinmundy Road and the Clerkhill School. I look forward to receiving the report we called for and then seeing the eventual improvements.”

Cllr Stephen Smith said:

“I’ve been pleased to work with colleagues on this issue across party lines. The Peterhead councillors worked very well this way in the last council with the four ‘party’ councillors working together with two of the three independent councillors for the good of the town, and I’m very happy that this has continued since the election of new councillor colleagues. Hopefully we can get an improvement in road safety around the Clerkhill School/Kinmundy Road area.”

Cllr Stephen Calder added:

“There is a lot of congestion around Clerkhill School when school goes in and comes out. I would hope that one option brought back might be the provision of a dropping-off zone like they have at Mintlaw Primary School which would ease traffic considerably.”

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