Councillors Hail Broch Launch of Royal Conservatoire's NE Hub

>> 12 August 2018

Councillors from the SNP/Labour Partnership in Aberdeenshire attended Friday night’s launch of the North-east Hub of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) in Fraserburgh’s Dalrymple Hall.

Bringing an RCS Hub to Fraserburgh was one of the key commitments of the SNP/Labour Partnership when in Administration in Aberdeenshire Council to assist in the area’s cultural and artistic regeneration.

The launch event on Friday night was attended by former Chair and Vice-Chair of the council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee, Councillors Alison Evison and Charles Buchan, as well as former Provost of Aberdeenshire Hamish Vernal.

Cllr Alison Evison (Scottish Labour-North Kincardine) said:

"It was really exciting to be able to attend the official launch of the Royal Conservatoire's North-east Hub on Friday, marking an important step in the evolving collaboration between Aberdeenshire Council and the Royal Conservatoire, which had been set in train by our innovative and visionary SNP/Labour Administration in February 2017.

“With our consistent focus on music, art and culture as key contributors to individual and community development as well as to the local economy, we had recognised how the opportunities offered by the Royal Conservatoire could enhance the existing arts tradition in Fraserburgh and other Aberdeenshire towns.

“The value we place on this activity is clear - not only through this Hub, but also in our active support for music tuition in schools; our recognition of the key skills which visiting specialists have to offer and in another development on which the SNP and Labour led when in Administration - the setting up of Aberdeenshire's own pipe band."

Cllr Charles Buchan (SNP-Fraserburgh & District) said:

“We quickly realised that regeneration of Fraserburgh was not only about economic development. We had to help the development of our local heritage and culture to improve our pride in our town. The tie-up with the world-leading Royal Conservatoire of Scotland was an ideal opportunity to serve our young people through dance, traditional and other music, theatre skills and song.

“I’m so pleased that the showcase we saw in Fraserburgh has proved the immense value of the tie-up. Bringing the Conservatoire to Fraserburgh is proportionally equivalent to the arrival of the V and A Museum to Dundee. I’m delighted that this project, championed by the SNP and Labour when we were in Administration in the council, has come to fruition.”

Former Provost of Aberdeenshire Hamish Vernal added:

“I was delighted to be invited to attend the formal launch of the Fraserburgh Hub. It was clear from speaking to those involved that this will be a very welcome addition to the town and the enthusiasm of the youngsters who were performing was a pleasure to see.”

Andrew Comrie, Director of Academic Innovation, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland said:

“This is a ground-breaking and innovative programme designed in partnership and with the initial aim to provide local access for young people in the North East to our Junior Conservatoire programmes in music, acting, dance and film as well as to our successful Transitions 20/40 programme which provides access to immersive training for young people living in the most disadvantaged parts of Scotland who show potential and commitment to pursuing study in the performing arts.”

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