Turriff & District Councillor Welcomes 'Gold Award' for Veterans Commitment

>> 23 August 2019

SNP councillor for Turriff & District Alastair Forsyth has welcomed the announcement that Aberdeenshire Council has been awarded the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme ‘gold award’ by the Ministry of Defence.

The award has been received in commemoration of the support shown by the council to members of the armed forces and their families.

Commenting, Cllr Alastair Forsyth – one of the council’s ‘Veterans Champions’ - said:

“I am extremely pleased that Aberdeenshire Council has been awarded Gold certification for their efforts to support veterans, their families, reservists and cadets who make themselves available for armed forces service while in the employ of Aberdeenshire Council.

“Since being elected as a Councillor for Turriff & District, and being a veteran, I have experienced first-hand the commitment Aberdeenshire Council has for its Armed Forces personnel. As a Veterans Champion it is a privilege to represent the council on visits to various military instillations and stations to see what our Army, Air Force and Naval people do to defend the nation. The professional skills and expertise needed to have an effective military establishment is wide ranging. Many of these skills like Logistics, Engineering, Facilities Management and security for example are all required by councils up and down the country.

“It is gratifying to know that plans for the future include guaranteeing interviews to veterans for jobs where they meet the essential criteria, making more effective use of the Career Transition Partnership in the recruitment of service leavers, providing work placements to assist with transition and exploring how to better support any Cadet Force Adult Volunteers who are employees.

“I look forward to continuing my support for our armed forces. It is right and fitting that those serving in the armed forces, veterans and families are acknowledged for their dedication and sacrifice. I am glad that Aberdeenshire Council has played a small part in this by receiving this award.”

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