Louise McAllister Named by SNP as By-Election Candidate

>> 7 September 2020

Local Celebrant Aims to Make a Fab Four for the SNP in Ellon

Louise McAllister, a local business owner and community councillor has been named as the candidate for the Scottish National Party (SNP) in the upcoming Aberdeenshire Council by-election for the Ellon and District ward.
The seat is vacant following the election of Richard Thomson MP to represent the Gordon Constituency at Westminster. The by-election was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Aberdeenshire Council has now scheduled the plebiscite for next month.

If elected on October 15th, Ms McAllister would join Gillian Martin MSP, Councillor Anouk Kloppert and Mr Thomson as a fourth SNP representative for constituents in Ellon and District – adding a second councillor to the representatives in Holyrood and Westminster.

Ms McAllister has lived in Aberdeenshire for 16 years and runs her own business from Ellon as a humanist celebrant. Her work in the community includes sitting as Vice-Chair of the Ellon and District Community Council and being a trustee of the Formartine Rural Partnership.

The Formartine Rural Partnership is a charity that works with local groups on environmental issues and manages the Formartine in Bloom and Formartine Beginning to Blossom annual gardening competitions.

Ms McAllister is also leading a drive to introduce allotments into Ellon through the Ellon Now Ellon New initiative.

Commenting, Louise McAllister, SNP Candidate for the Ellon & District By-Election said:

“I have always believed that if you want to make a difference then you have to get involved.

“I feel I understand the people of Ellon and District and share the desire to have the area recognised more widely as a friendly and welcoming destination, and also as both a dynamic, vibrant place for both families and businesses to grow.

“It is hugely important for local politicians to offer a constructive way forward. I want to do just that for the people of Ellon and District.”

Commenting, Gillian Martin MSP said:

“Louise has the ideal background and experience to make an excellent councillor. She’s heavily involved in the community, and a well-kent figure in Ellon and District.

“I am delighted that she has decided to stand to serve her community even more.”

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:

“Louise has been a thoughtful, hard-working and pragmatic member of the Ellon Community Council and has all the attributes to be a highly effective local councillor. She would be a real asset to the communities of Ellon and District ward as a Councillor - I’m delighted to give Louise my backing.”

Commenting, Councillor Anouk Kloppert said:

“Louise has something really special to offer. She has been very active in community life in Ellon for a number of years, in the community council and the Formartine Partnership. In these roles, I know Louise as consistent and warm in her approach, an inclusive thinker and always looking for a way forward together.”

“She has a good understanding of the people of Ellon & District. She believes in our town to be a family-friendly destination, a place for speciality shops & restaurants to thrive and with lots of green spaces for sports and leisure for all to use.”

“It is very clear that Louise will work very hard for everyone and would make a difference as the next councillor of the Ellon & District ward.”

Commenting, Councillor Gwyneth Petrie, Leader of the SNP Group in Aberdeenshire Council said:

“Louise would be a great asset to both the SNP council group and the people of Ellon and District.”

“The SNP group in Aberdeenshire Council have, throughout the pandemic, worked constructively for the benefit of those we represent, whilst also challenging the current administration and holding it to account where required. Louise’s skill set will make her an excellent addition to our team, and to the wider councillor cohort.”

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