SNP Announce Dennis Robertson and Dawn Black as Candidates in Stonehaven and Lower Deeside

>> 29 March 2022

The SNP have announced that Dennis Robertson and Dawn Black are to be their candidates in the upcoming Local Government Election on 5th May.

The SNP are standing two candidates in the 4 member ward of Stonehaven and Lower Deeside. Local elections are carried out using the Single Transferrable Vote system, which allows voters to select candidates in order of preference rather than by marking an X next to one candidate.

Current councillor Dennis Robertson has been selected to contest the election once again and is looking forward to the opportunity to represent those living throughout the ward.

During the last five years, he has sat on the Integrated Joint Board, working with Aberdeenshire Council and NHS Grampian on the strategic direction of health and social care in the region. He also sits on the business services and licensing sub-committee. Dennis was previously an MSP for the Aberdeenshire West constituency between 2011 and 2016.

Dennis has a background in social work and management and this experience has informed much of the work he has done in public service. He is registered blind and is very ably assisted in his day-to-day work by his guide dog, Murphy. Drawing on his own personal experience Dennis has worked with the “Guide Dogs for the Blind” on developing training programmes on the psychological impacts of sight-loss and awareness training for the ophthalmology and optometry healthcare sector.

Dennis is a well-known figure, with a huge commitment and energy to work on behalf of the people of his community.

Commenting, Dennis said;

“If re-elected, I’ll continue to stand up for better health and well-being in the community, as we recover after COVID. We must protect, develop, and make more accessible both our community leisure facilities and the available green spaces. We are fortunate to have easy access to good outdoor space, but this can be improved to provide places for people to exercise, rest and meet. We can do more.

I want to support local businesses by ensuring that there is good infrastructure and transport links. This will encourage visitors into our communities, visiting our attractions and spending money locally. In turn, we will encourage future investment and allow our towns to thrive into the future. Communities can trust that I’ll do my absolute best to be their voice and to improve each area of Stonehaven and Lower Deeside."

Dawn Black spent her teenage years living in Muchalls and is a former pupil of Mackie Academy. After completing further education, she spent some time living abroad in Singapore and the Netherlands before returning to Stonehaven 5 years ago. She is a driving instructor in the town and takes a very active role in the community. 

She is a member of the local community council as well as a committee member of the Stonehaven Business Association. She has also returned to her roots at Mackie Academy where she is a member of the parent council.

Dawn has made her mark in a number of community projects, including setting up the “Stunning Stonehaven” website, and the Market Square community garden. Dawn is incredibly enthusiastic about her community and is willing to do whatever it takes to make the community as good as it can be for us all.

Commenting, Ms Black said:

“I am delighted to be selected to stand for the SNP in Stonehaven and Lower Deeside. I think of it as my home. It’s where I’m raising my family, and I want the best for our communities and the people that live in them.

Recent events have taught us that we need to be better prepared for severe weather events. I want to ensure that there is a comprehensive local resilience plan in place so that we are better prepared for future events. This needs to ensure that all organisations and resources are clearly coordinated, with a special focus on identifying and supporting vulnerable people.

As a mum, I know that young people need safe places to go and socialise and be themselves, as a better alternative to streets and parks. I am committed to creating a modern-day youth club, jointly run by adults and young people, and am working with others with similar ideas in other towns.

We really need to do the basics better, whether it be roads in an acceptable condition or maintaining sufficient green space. We must invest in our communities and our people going forward. We have to listen and focus on what’s important to them and grasp any opportunities for change.”

Voters can contact Dennis and Dawn via these contact details:

Email:; Facebook: @dennis.robertson.5686

Email:; Facebook: @dawnblacksnp

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