Ellon Councillor Welcomes Scottish Government Funding for Town

>> 30 May 2022

Ellon SNP councillor Louise McAllister has welcomed over £240,000 of funding from the Scottish Government towards a community-driven project to build a new multi-sport, multi-ability wheeled sport facility at Gordon Park.

This funding is from the second-year allocation of the Scottish Government Place Based Investment Programme (PBIP) which is designed to support coherent investment decisions that respond to local community priorities for their places. The PBIP is expected to be a five-year Programme, lasting until 2025/26 with further injections of funding to be confirmed annually.

Central to the delivery of the Programme is ensuring that investment decisions are shaped by the evidenced needs of local communities, regenerate and revitalise towns and villages, help tackle inequality and disadvantage, and accelerate Scotland towards ‘net zero’ emissions goals. Projects are also expected to offer sustainable and impactful benefits to the places in which they are delivered.

Welcoming the funding, Cllr Louise McAllister said:

“I am delighted to see funding come through from the Scottish Government for this dynamic and community-facing project which has been many years in the making, thanks to the hard work and endeavour of a dedicated team of enthusiasts.

“The Ellon Wheel Park has the potential to provide incredible facilities; putting Ellon, and indeed Aberdeenshire, on the map as a go-to destination for visitors and local people alike.

“The provision of outdoor recreation; inclusive, open to all abilities and free of charge outwith organised events, offering improved physical and mental health for all users, is a wonderful opportunity for our district to shine. Add to this the opportunity for town centre regeneration and increased footfall for our local businesses - we have a bright future ahead.”

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