>> 30 March 2010

North East MSP Maureen Watt has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament, congratulating everyone involved in the recent Aberdeenshire Schools elections.

Speaking after submitting the motion, Ms Watt said:

“The enthusiasm that pupils across Aberdeenshire have shown in taking part in these elections has been incredible, and with a turnout of 75% they have surpassed the levels of participation seen in recent real elections.

“I believe that pupils in Aberdeenshire have set an example to young people across Scotland and I hope it will inspire young voters who will be eighteen or over at the election to register to vote and elect their local MP. With one result having been decided by a single vote margin, it is clear that everyone's vote really can make all the difference."

Ms Watt’s motion reads:

"notes the result of the recent Aberdeenshire Schools Elections; congratulates each of the candidates and their participating schools; recognises the contribution which school elections can make towards fostering participation in and understanding of the democratic process amongst young people; and congratulates Aberdeenshire Council for its comprehensive and imaginative approach to creating such a valuable learning experience for all those who took part."

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