>> 6 April 2010


SNP Gordon Westminster Candidate, Richard Thomson, has welcomed the firing of the starting gun on the 2010 General Election Campaign, and has spoken of the opportunity which Gordon, and the country, now has to bring about positive political change.

Speaking immediately following the announcement, Mr Thomson said:

“This is a crucial election for the Gordon constituency. It’s going to be an extremely close contest here between the Lib Dems and the SNP, and the outcome will have a real and significant impact, not just locally, but nationally as well.

“The present Westminster government’s mismanagement of the public finances has left us open to public spending cuts – cuts which even the Chancellor admits will be deeper and tougher than anything which happened under Margaret Thatcher.

“More than ever, Scotland is going to need MPs who can champion their constituents needs. With the polls pointing towards a balanced parliament, a strong group of SNP MPs will help to concentrate minds wonderfully in Westminster, and help ensure that Scotland and the North East can get as good a deal as possible.

“With trust in politicians at an all time low thanks to the Westminster expenses scandal, there’s going to be a real mucking out of the stables at Westminster. There's a mood for change, and one way or another, the House of Commons is going to be a very different place after May 6.

“There’s been a real ‘can-do’ attitude in Gordon since Alex Salmond became First Minister, and people have seen for themselves the real benefits which having energetic and influential representation can have.

“The Gordon Westminster seat already has local champions in Brian Adam and Alex Salmond at Holyrood. It’s time to do the same at Westminster level, and over the next four weeks – just as I have over the past 30 months in which I’ve been a candidate – I’ll be continuing to listen to voters, and taking forward the message that the SNP offers the best future for the Gordon constituency.”

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