>> 21 September 2010


Gordon MSP, Alex Salmond, has seized on the findings of a poll which reveals that 40% of Lib Dem voters would have voted differently had they known about the coalition with the Tories.

The ComRes figures also show that 52% of LibDem voters believe the party “appears to have sold out on their principles” by teaming up with the Conservatives.

The stats come as Scottish LibDem leader Tavish Scott is forced to defend promises to preserve the Universal Service Obligation - which guarantees single cost delivery everywhere from Methlick to Manchester - in the face of his party’s plans to privatise Royal Mail.

Commenting Mr Salmond said:

“These figures clearly show that the disastrous choices made by the LibDems since signing up to the Con/Dem coalition will not be lost on voters in Gordon.

“Not only have they hiked up food and fuel VAT, they’ve also threatened to plunge Scotland into darkness by bringing the clocks forward, have run roughshod over the devolved administrations by forcing a referendum on AV voting on the same day as the Holyrood elections and plan to privatise mail services.

“The only thing the coalition seems to have delivered so far is massive cuts that threaten frontline services in Scotland.

“That Tavish Scott is frantically defending the universal service obligation shows just how rattled the Lib Dems really are. The party knows that their mail privatisation plans will not sit easily in rural communities like Gordon which will be hugely adversely affected by their proposals.

“These figures are a clear indication that voters would not have voted LibDem had they known the party would join forces with the Tories. The LibDems promised a “change that works for you” - it’s clear they’re giving Gordon a coalition that works against them.”

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