Turriff Celebrates SNP Aberdeenshire East-er Eggstravaganza

>> 26 April 2011


SNP candidate for Aberdeenshire East, Alex Salmond, joined children from Turriff youth football team to roll eggs this Easter Saturday youth football club as he outlined the SNP’s policies for families.

Over the last four years the SNP’s council tax freeze, the abolition of prescription charges, increases in nursery education and new and improved school buildings have all improved the quality of life for young families.

A re-elected SNP Government will fulfil a number of pledges to make life better for Scotland’s young families

  • A council tax freeze until 2016 saving the average family £1200
  • Improved education, record low class sizes and 60,000 fewer children in crumbling schools
  • A fair start for pre-school Scots with our £50m Sure Start Fund to improve the life chances of thousands of youngsters and provide extra support for their mums and dads
  • Protected spending on the NHS ensuring healthcare remains local and that we can invest in family nurse partnerships to help new parents and children
  • 100,000 training opportunities each year for the next five years including on the job training for 25,000 young Scots
  • Maintaining the 1000 extra police on our streets to keep communities safe and help our children stay away from crime.
Commenting, Alex Salmond, said:

“The SNP is working hard to making life better for young families. Our manifesto outlines a number of commitments designed to improve education and opportunities for young Scots and put money back in the pocket of hard pressed families.

“We have invested in new schools and cut class sizes. We have also delivered 22,000 modern apprentices to help young people into work and have pledged to deliver another 125,000 over the course of the next parliament. An SNP Government will invest £50 million in setting up new Surestart centres across Scotland to improve the life chances of our young children and to provide mums and dads with extra support.

“The SNP’s council tax freeze has already saved families £300 on average and if the SNP are re-elected families will save a further £1200 before 2016.

“Only the SNP Government has such a strong record of delivery for families and possesses the team to drive forward our vision of a better future for families living in Aberdeenshrie East.”

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