Local Councillor Calls For Speed Limit Reduction At Accident Blackspot

>> 18 September 2011

Local SNP councillor Brian Topping is calling for Aberdeenshire Council to reduce the speed limit at an accident blackspot and to look at introducing road safety measures.

Councillor Topping, who is a leading campaigner on safety issues and President of the Scottish Accident Prevention Council, made the call after the latest in a series of accidents at Memsie last week.

Commenting, Councillor Topping said:

“There have been a large number of accidents over recent years at Memsie, some of them sadly involving fatalities.

“I share the concerns of local residents and that is why I am calling for a reduction in the speed limit at Memsie, and also for Aberdeenshire Council to look at introducing road safety measures at this location.

“I am aware that Aberdeenshire Council has looked at this previously and said that no action was required, but circumstances change and each accident adds weight to the case for intervention. Movement-activated flashing warning signs reminding drivers of the existence of a crossroads, which I have seen in other areas, are just one example of possible measures which I think are worthy of consideration.”

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