SNP Announce Cllr Neil Baillie and Archie Peebles as Council Candidates for Inverurie and District

>> 29 March 2022

The SNP has chosen Cllr Neil Baillie and Archie Peebles to be the party’s candidates in the Inverurie and District ward in the upcoming local government election on 5th May.
The SNP are standing two candidates in the four member ward of Inverurie and District. Local elections are carried out using the Single Transferrable Vote system, which allows voters to select candidates in order of preference rather than by marking an X next to one candidate.

Cllr Baillie is aiming to be re-elected to serve the people of Inverurie and District after being first elected in last council election in 2017. Cllr Baillie has been a community stalwart in the town of Inverurie for years and has been heavily involved in Inverurie Events, the group that takes forward Christmas decorations in the town. He has been involved in community responses to flooding, particularly after Storm Frank in 2016.

Since his election in 2017, Cllr Baillie has continued to focus on working with community groups to help the area through the pandemic and aims to continue this work if re-elected. Cllr Baillie continues to work as a care support worker helping adults with physical and learning difficulties.

Cllr Baillie said:

“From my community Involvement locally with groups such as Inverurie Events and Inverurie Community Council I have seen and appreciated the hard work by all, to address local issues. That’s why I have taken up the concerns of local people regarding the long awaited Transport Interchange in Inverurie and proposals to improve the A96. I have spoken in Aberdeenshire Council chamber on a range of issues from refugee family reunification, and poverty in our community, to the importance for a National Care Service.

“I have a passion to see that Inverurie and Port Elphinstone receive flood defensive measures fit for our times. I have also been involved in producing a community resilience plan to protect our community in the event of an emergency such as flooding or severe weather. Just as we care for our families and loved one’s I feel that it is important to look after each other in Inverurie and District as well as the wider community. That’s why if re-elected I will work to see public and community projects progress, providing benefits for us all.”

Archie Peebles has lived in Aberdeenshire for over forty years. He began work at Aberdeen Airport in 1980 as an Air Traffic Control Assistant, dealing with flight plans, navigation and weather information. Since his retirement, Mr Peebles has for 10 years served on Inverurie Community Council. Mr Peebles is also a trustee of Inverurie’s Men's Shed and spent 7 years as its Chairman.

Commenting, Mr Peebles said:

“I believe that I have a good understanding of the people of this area and a good appreciation of their needs. I am very proud that our community is a great place to live and work, a great mix of town and country, and hope to deepen my contribution to the area.

“I believe that our society can be shaped and changed for the better, to do that we have to be prepared to get involved in the issues and question others constructively.

"I would be very honoured if the people of Inverurie and District would vote for me on May 5th.”

Voters can contact Neil and Archie by email, or on Facebook:; Facebook: @neilbaillieSNPInverurie;; Facebook: @Archie4Inverurie

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