SNP Back on Top of the Polls in Peterhead

>> 11 May 2022

Smith Records Largest Percentage Vote in Aberdeenshire

The SNP topped the polls in both Peterhead seats at last week’s council elections with candidates Leeann McWhinnie and Stephen Smith both elected. The results represent a reversal of the 2017 outcome where the Conservatives took most votes in both wards.

Leeann McWhinnie was elected in Peterhead North and Rattray in place of long-serving SNP councillor Anne Allan who stood down at this election. Stephen Smith was elected for a fourth term in Peterhead South and Cruden with 46.5% of the vote, the largest percentage vote for any candidate in Aberdeenshire at this election.
Commenting, Cllr Stephen Smith said:

“First of all I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for me at this election. Their support is greatly appreciated. I’m delighted with the result, which is a 10 per cent increase on the SNP vote in Peterhead South and Cruden in 2017.”

Newly-elected councillor for Peterhead North & Rattray Leeann McWhinnie added:

“I would like to pay tribute to Anne Allan for her many years of service as a local councillor and wish her well in her retirement. I’m very grateful to the voters of Peterhead North and Rattray for putting their trust in me with such a large vote.

“I’m looking forward to engaging with local groups and residents and will do my best for all the communities within the Ward and to represent all residents regardless of who they voted for or whether they voted.”

The first preference results for each ward were as follows:

Peterhead South & Cruden
SNP Stephen Smith 1578 46.5% elected
CON George Hall 1105 32.5% elected
LD Colin Simpson 414 12.2% elected
CON Neil Johnston 298 8.8%

Peterhead North & Rattray
SNP Leeann McWhinnie 1222 29.1% elected
IND Dianne Beagrie 974 23.2% elected
CON Matthew James 599 14.3% elected
IND Alan Buchan 548 13.0% elected
CON Iain Sutherland 523 12.5%
LD Kevin Anderson 156 3.7%
ALBA Trish McPherson 99 2.4%
IND Sharon Bradford 79 1.9%

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