SNP Group Welcome Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan

>> 1 June 2012

Aberdeenshire Council has adopted its Local Development Plan from today, 1 June, only the third local authority in Scotland to do so under new planning law.

Scottish Ministers have confirmed they do not require any modification to the document, paving the way for its everyday use as a planning blueprint.

This marks the end of a four-year process which has included two major consultation exercises attracting over 6,000 detailed responses, as well as more than 20 committee meetings and a public examination by Government reporters.

SNP Council Group Spokesman on Planning & Infrastructure, Cllr Rob Merson, commented:

"I am pleased to welcome the adoption of the new Local Development Plan, which offers the combination of providing a clear vision of Aberdeenshire as its local communities want to see it developed in the future, yet provides the dynamic flexibility required to adapt to emerging opportunities.  It should ensure that communities are developed in a proportionate manner so that a sense of local identity can be maintained.

"I am confident that it will result in an improved quality of building design, infrastructure and landscape settings.  It also offers a wide range of sites and opportunities for new business development and employment throughout the North east.

"Aberdeenshire has a huge rural hinterland, and this is also a Local Development Plan which reflects the Scottish Government's commitment to re-establish vibrant rural communities and sustain their social and economic development."

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