Tory Vision Resembles a Dickensian Nightmare

>> 20 September 2012


A Tory’s call for young people to drop out of school and work for less than the minimum wage has been described as a “Dickensian nightmare” by an SNP MSP.

Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe and former president of the Tory club at Oxford University, while speaking at a Channel 4 youth unemployment event said young people who stay at school to do A-levels ‘aren’t employable’ and that a lack of ‘motivation’ was a key factor in youth unemployment in the UK.

Collins, who is a UK government parliamentary private secretary is “completely removed from reality”, according to Mark McDonald MSP.

Mr McDonald said:

“Damian Collins has let the cat out the bag – the Tories do not care nor have they any credible solutions to the alarming levels of youth unemployment.

“It is grossly irresponsible to suggest young people should drop out of school and it is completely wrong to pin the blame of youth unemployment on young peoples’ motivation levels.

“How ironic that this comes from yet another one of the Tory Oxbridge gang – they are completely removed from reality.

“Whatever next will the Tories come up with – reintroducing workhouses? The UK government’s political aide’s proposed solutions to youth unemployment are like something out a Dickensian nightmare.

“While Labour continues to back the Tory financed No campaign in the referendum on Independence they are no better. The people of Scotland deserve better than this lot making decisions for Scotland.

“No doubt Nick Clegg is sorry for this too - he certainly should be sorry for getting into bed with Tories who come out with this rubbish.

“Only with independence can Scotland be governed by a parliament elected 100 per cent by the people of Scotland and be able to move towards a brighter future and a better nation.”


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