Newmachar Bus Concerns Aired

>> 4 December 2012

The Operations Director of Stagecoach Bluebird William Manius was presented with a petition signed by 239 Newmachar residents at a meeting of the Newmachar Community Council last week.

Residents are protesting following a decision by Stagecoach to axe the bus service via Riverside Drive in Dyce which provided residents with a vital link between Newmachar and ASDA, including access to the Doctors and other Health Services.  The Community Council meeting was attended by over fifty local residents, who were keen to hear why the service had been axed.

Local SNP members had sought assurances on behalf of Local Residents that the bus operator would write to all the residents who had signed the petition to obtain information about their use of this vital service. It transpired that the ticket information is not detailed enough to identify the actual usage on the route.

Commenting they said:

"This is a vital local service for the residents of people from Newmachar and other communities along the A947. It is clear that the consultation conducted by Stagecoach was less than adequate and the numbers using the service had not been recorded accurately.  We do hope that Stagecoach will rethink this decision in view of the clearly identified need of local people who wish to travel by bus"

The meeting was also attended by Aberdeen City SNP Councillor Neil MacGregor who stated that Victoria Street in Dyce was well served by another bus operator with a service every fifteen minutes.

The meeting concluded with an assurance from Stagecoach that local residents who signed the petition would be contacted to seek information on their use of the service. The Community Council agreed to add the feedback form to their website to enable residents who had not signed the petition to provide feedback.

Stagecoach agreed to contact the Community Council once the consultation was complete.

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