Donside - Survey Finds 88% in Favour of Council Tax Freeze

>> 26 May 2013


Mark McDonald, SNP candidate in the Aberdeen Donside by-election, has called on all of his opponents to make clear their position on the continuation of the council tax freeze.

As of yesterday, the SNP had surveyed 8,487 residents in the constituency on the issue, and found that 88% are in favour of a continuation of the council tax freeze, while just 12% support an increase.

Labour candidate Willie Young has already stated that he believes councils should be able to increase council tax. Under Labour, Council tax in Aberdeen increased by over 70% to become the highest in Scotland, before being frozen in 2007.

Mr McDonald has today said that the council tax freeze has become one of the 'defining issues' of the by-election campaign, and called on all candidates to state their position.

Commenting, Mr McDonald said:

"The feedback we have received from residents on the doorsteps is that they overwhelmingly support a continuation of the council tax freeze. It is becoming one of the defining issues of the campaign.

"At a time when families are struggling with rising household bills, it is greatly reassuring that this is one bill which isn't going up - thanks to the SNP Government.

"The Labour candidate has already made his position clear. After he awarded himself a 5% pay rise as a councillor, he now thinks Aberdeen city council should be able to put council tax up. The people of Aberdeen Donside can draw their own conclusions about this.

"But it's time all candidates made their position clear: should council tax increase and more pressure be put on family budgets, or will they commit to voting for a council tax freeze in every budget in this Parliament, as I have done and will continue to do?"

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