Questions as Ruling Admin Councillor Brands Energetica Project as "Stalled"

>> 27 May 2013

Questions were raised today over the future of the Energetica Project following the comments of Cllr Alan Buchan, Vice-Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee and member of the ruling ‘Aberdeenshire Alliance’.

The controversial councillor writing in his weekly political newsletter said the “Energetica Project has been stalled for years” and went on to say the reason was the “plundering and pillaging of Peterhead community assets and funds” by an “unelected crony cabal”.

Cllr Buchan’s outburst has prompted questions on the future of the Energetica Project and calls for him to go public with evidence to back up his claims about the “plundering” of community funds.

Commenting on the extraordinary claims, Peterhead South & Cruden councillor Stuart Pratt said:

“This is quite incredible. Councillors and the local business community have been given briefings in recent weeks on progress with the Energetica Project but never any hint that the project had “stalled”.

“It is very concerning that the Vice-Chairman of Aberdeenshire’s Infrastructure Services Committee – which is responsible for economic development – should come forward and say this now.

I think there needs to be urgent clarification from the council as to what is the truth. If it is, then serious questions need to be asked. If it’s not, then I’m at a loss as to why the Vice-Chair of the Infrastructure Committee would make something up like this and the ruling Administration needs to consider his position.”

Commenting on the claims that community funds and assets had been “plundered”, Cllr Pratt continued:

“We need some clarity here. Exactly what funds and assets is Cllr Buchan talking about and who is being accused of impropriety?

“It’s a serious allegation being made by someone who is part of the ruling administration of Aberdeenshire Council.

“It’s not the first time Cllr Buchan has made such allegations and it’s time for the ruling Aberdeenshire Alliance to back these claims or dismiss them as the ravings of someone still sore at being booted off the Harbour Board years ago.”

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