Donside: Labour Descend into Attacking Each Other Over Funding

>> 13 June 2013


Commenting after tonight’s STV Scotland Tonight hustings – in which Labour’s by-election candidate Willie Young said "they're absolutely wrong" about his own party colleagues’ statements in the Glasgow North East by-election in 2009 that Aberdeen gets extra money from the SNP Government - SNP candidate Mark McDonald said:

“Willie Young’s remarks are hugely embarrassing for Labour - he has just admitted that Labour say things in by-election campaigns that are untrue. The people of Aberdeen Donside will draw the obvious conclusion that they can't believe a word Labour say in this by-election.

"Labour have been caught red-handed, saying one thing in Glasgow and the exact opposite in Aberdeen. While Labour peddle dishonesty, the reality is that the SNP Government has delivered more funding for Aberdeen, in the teeth of Labour opposition in the central belt, and the first thing Willie Young and other members of the Labour-Tory administration did was increase their own pay by 5%.

“The SNP are delivering a £1 billion package of investment for Aberdeen – 4 new schools in Donside, new council housing, a new emergency care centre at Foresterhill, and of course major transport projects such as the by-pass and improvements to the Haudagain roundabout.

“While Labour in this by-election descend into attacking each other, the SNP will get on with delivering for Donside."

When presented with a leaflet from the 2009 Glasgow North East By-election titled "Stop the SNP ripping off Glasgow", and a statement by the Labour candidate Willie Bain that "they have given extra money to Edinburgh and Aberdeen but ignored Glasgow", Willie Young replied “they’re absolutely wrong.”

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