Donside: McDonald Welcomes Government Statement on School Closures

>> 13 June 2013


The Scottish Government has today confirmed it will not end the requirement for local authorities to show that any proposed school closure must create an educational benefit for the pupils.

Reports earlier this week had suggested that Aberdeen City Council officers had hoped that the Scottish Government would drop the requirement to show educational benefit before any school closures can proceed.

This would have made it easier for the Labour-Tory administration to close Middleton Park and Bramble Brae primaries without demonstrating any such benefit, despite previous promises from Willie Young and Ross Thomson that they would only support closing schools if such a benefit could be demonstrated.

Commenting, SNP candidate for Aberdeen Donside Mark McDonald said:

“The fact that the Labour-Tory council administration, in which the Labour candidate Willie Young is Finance Convener, seemed to be hoping the SNP Government would abandon our stance on showing an educational benefit simply confirms what parents have been afraid of – that the move to close these schools is entirely financial and shows no consideration for the needs of pupils.

“That is completely unacceptable and the SNP's action today will ensure that the Labour-Tory administration cannot escape its responsibilities.

“If they know they cannot show an educational benefit to closing these schools, then they should throw out their plans now and save pupils and parents from the uncertainty they are creating.

“The education of children must come first and that can only mean that Middleton Park and Bramble Brae must stay open.

“A vote for me on the 20th of June is a vote for someone who will battle tirelessly to keep both of these schools open, and stand up to the Labour and Tory plans to close these schools.”

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