Broch SNP Councillors Welcome Road Safety Crackdown

>> 29 October 2014

Local SNP councillors Charles Buchan and Brian Topping have commended Police Scotland on their ‘Operation CEDAR’ road safety initiative in the town which has yielded excellent results.

Police officers and special constables from the Fraserburgh & District Community Policing Team have carried out work over the past two weekends under Operation CEDAR in an effort to improve local road safety.

Officers have targeted places within Fraserburgh which were highlighted by the local community as being areas where speed, excess noise and general anti-social driving were giving them a cause for concern.

This intelligence led operation saw speed checks being carried out on Watermill Road, Harbour Road and Seaforth Street with a number of motorists being spoken to regarding their speed limit in built up areas.

With the dark nights fast approaching, officers have carried out stop checks on vehicles within the town centre to ensure tyres and lights were in working order. Motorists stopped were also issued with safety messages to ensure that they were aware of the importance of maintaining their vehicles in safe working order and the potential consequences of failing to do so.

Operation CEDAR (Challenge, Educate, Detect and Reduce) was launched in May 2014 by Police Scotland in a bid to highlight to drivers the known risks that can lead to serious and fatal collisions.

Over 30 vehicles were checked as part of Operation CEDAR and as a result, six people were charged with various lighting offences and one person has been reported for a drink driving offence.

Commenting, Cllr Charles Buchan said:

“I'm delighted that the police have responded to our concerns about bad driving and speeding by a few anti-social drivers in Fraserburgh and district.

“I thank the police for devoting resources and police officers, both from Fraserburgh, and from other stations in the area, to combat this problem that affects our community. If we can stop reckless driving and speeding and reduce injuries and deaths, much misery and unhappiness in local families will be avoided I am also grateful to our Community Councils, and the Fraserburgh Community Safety Group, for their valuable inputs to the operation. Operation Cedar builds on the successful Operation Rylestone, a few months ago, targeting all sorts of anti-social behaviour.”

Chair of Fraserburgh & District Community Safety Group Cllr Brian Topping added:

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“I am glad that Police Scotland have carried out these speed checks and other motoring checks in Fraserburgh as the safety of both motorists and pedestrians are vitally important in our local communities. This will once again highlight to all the importance of being a safe and considerate driver.”

PC Christopher Bain who led the policing activity in Fraserburgh said:

"Once again residents have highlighted concerns around the inappropriate speed and inconsiderate manner of driving by some motorists in Fraserburgh.

"We have targeted the places identified by the community and this has resulted in a number of people being charged with various traffic offences.

"Given that dark nights have now set in, we also took the chance to carry out checks to ensure that car lights were in working order and tyres had enough tread.

"The focus of this operation was to remind drivers to check that their vehicles were correctly prepared and maintained for winter. At the same time we took the opportunity to convey a clear message to some drivers who ignore the law, and the message was that your actions endanger other road users, do so at your peril, you will be caught and the consequences may be long lasting for you.

"The safety of motorists and members of the public is paramount to Police Scotland, anyone with any concern is asked to contact us on 101."

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