Central Buchan Councillors Praise Maud First Responders

>> 16 November 2014

Central Buchan’s SNP councillors Lenny Pirie and Jim Ingram have praised the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service First Responders based at Maud Fire Station on being hailed as a ‘beacon’ for the NHS and Scottish Ambulance Service.

HM Chief Inspector of Fire & Rescue Services for Scotland has published a report on emergency medical services in the SFRS. A key feature of the report was the acknowledgement of the excellent work of the First Responder Scheme at Maud.

The First Responder Scheme allows Fire Service staff at Maud to respond to medical calls in their area providing rapid medical intervention and life-saving skills until an ambulance arrives. Over the last 3 years, Maud has responded to an average of 50 calls to medical emergencies per year.

Commenting, Cllr Lenny Pirie said:

“I’m delighted the staff at Maud Fire Station have had their excellent work recognised in this way. The First Responder Scheme is an outstanding example of how the resilience of our rural communities in Central Buchan can be enhanced using local resources.

“This is a vital service to the communities in Central Buchan and I congratulate the staff on this very positive report.”

Cllr Jim Ingram added:

“The cost of this scheme is on average only £5000 per year and this delivers outstanding value to Central Buchan given the life-savings skills which can be deployed thanks to the dedication and commitment of the staff at Maud Fire Station.

“The staff and the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service are to be commended for this visionary approach to keeping our communities safe.”

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